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Nawudigā Pathway Second Stage Housing

Second Stage Housing at Help and Hope for Families Society, Watson Lake, Yukon

Pictured Left: A safe place to rebuild lives; one of the new Second Stage apartments for women and children fleeing abuse.

The Second Stage Program is a new alternative for women in South-eastern  Yukon and Northern BC who are fleeing violent/abusive situations.

Women and children requiring another step on their road to independence may qualify to rent one of our Second Stage apartments. These apartments offer affordable, independent living with an extra measure of safety and security. They are furnished, stylish, and modern (construction finished in 2011). Second Stage Staff are here to provide support, helping women take back control of their lives.

Second Stage Housing is not communal or government housing. It is an opportunity to live independently, yet with extra support to build skills and confidence for the future.

If you would like more information about Second Stage housing, please call (867)536-7234, or email us today.

Some reasons women fleeing an abusive situation may consider Nawudigā Pathway:
  • There is no safe housing available in the community
  • Her current living situation is not safe
  • She still feels the need for extra support after a stay at Help and Hope's emergency shelter
Nawudigā Pathway is here to help you:

  • Develop independence
  • Seek outside support
  • Heal in a safe, confidential setting
  • Reach your full potential

This initiative has been made possible with federal and territorial funding, along with much support from the community of Watson Lake.